This ossuary is a cabinet of curiosities, a place where memories reside and decay. The photographic process offers a sense of preservation. The objects appear as documented specimens, catalogued in some would-be archive. I explore the objects, but also the process—negative images juxtaposed with positives in a study of the transition from vibrant living to inevitable disintegration; photographing and re-photographing, creating a new layer of memory; working with the circular frame, part microscope, part recollection. What began as a study of these fragments of natural history has become an exploration of my own approach to photography.

The series, with its layers, categories and personal documentary is in the form of a small self-published printed A6 book and 20 x 16 prints printed on Hahnemuhle Photorag paper.
London Metropolitan University Atrium Gallery
The Animal Gaze Constructed
Exhibition & Symposium
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